First Step - Getting Your Website

Video # 1 - Get Website To Promote - See Your Choice Below. Make Sure To Also Watch Video #2. You Are Free To Build Your Own Website To Avoid The One Time Fee

Video #2 - Creating HTML Paypal Button Code To Order Site

Must upgrade to a Paypal business account as described in video #3 to generate the Paypal HTML button code. Once you get your Paypal HTML link code, press the blue "Request Website" button below video number three and follow the instructions on the next page. If you want to use a cash app link or a paypalme link to get paid on your websites, that's perfectly fine. 

Video #3 - How To Upgrade To A Business Account With Paypal

For more help setting up your business account, click on this link

Website Choice In Video #1 Above Is $20 One Time For Payment

Important Note:  For website requests, you can use your Paypal HTML code, paypalme or cash app information. Once you click on the button below and enter your email on the next page, you will be sent a payment request via email for the $20 one time website payment. Make sure to check your email and spam folder frequently to stay updated on the status of your website. Websites are not completed until payment is received

Video #4 - Getting Vacations, Medical Card, And Hotel Cards

Important Note: To better find what you're looking for in this training, you can click on the following link This card works for cruises as well as hotels. For the vacation getaways and discount cards, you must request them with the instructions in video below in order to receive them. Please note: We are NO LONGER giving away $2000 shopping cards. We have the $200 discount cards. The cards are no longer for $300 savings. Also, we NO LONGER have the 7 inch tablets. The restaurant savings card is also for $200. This is excellent for 1,000,000+ locations and 1000's of activities. For frequently asked questions about the discount cards, click on the following link You can also request your medical discount card here

Video #5 How To Use Company Code For Even More Benefits!

This includes movie tickets, hotels, car rentals, cruises, water parks, theme parks, concerts, shows and events and more. For frequently asked questions, click on this link Our company code is: DVTRVLS

Important Note: Must have our company code to register. Company Code: DVTRVLS


Here you will find what the prices are for the vacation getaways and incentives. You cannot take these vacations last minute. They all require a 30 day advance notice before you are allowed to take them. They are NOT 100% free and require activation fees, room tax and resort fees. Flight tickets are NOT included. When emailing for your benefits, be very specific as to which benefits you want. Do not request anything that is not found on the list. You get two vacations per month upon your request. You must tell us your sponsor's name and attach proof of payment in your email showing that you joined this training platform to receive your requested benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to the common questions you'll get asked while promoting this opportunity.

VIDEO #6 Explaining Devant Travels The Right Way

Copy And Paste Scripts To Send Leads


With Facebook, when people request information about this opportunity, ask them to message you directly first. Never message them first in their inbox or you'll risk being blocked by Facebook. Then copy and paste this response into their inbox:

"Hi :) How are you? Here's the information you requested. We are not a travel agency. And we are not travel agents. But we do give away vacation getaways and much more. We are a training platform that teaches people how to build their online business and succeed with it. We get paid to provide this training. We do not charge for the vacation getaways.  Thats just an incentive you get for joining our training platform. We are a training platform that happens to have the ability to give away vacation getaways at discounted prices not available to the general public. Being a part of our training platform also gives you access to the same benefits. In the link below, there are videos that explain everything about this program. Here's the link " (Your Website/Referral Link Goes Here)


Here's the email you send people once they signup under you. Make sure to add them to our training group and answer questions they may have:

Welcome to the Devant Team,

Thank you for your purchase! Please click on the link below to access your training portal

You can request your vacation getaways.

If you have any questions, you can email me at (Your Email Goes Here) or contact me at (Your Contact Number Goes Here)

Welcome to the team,

(Your Name Goes Here)

Script #3

When someone asks you, "How are you able to give away such cheap vacation getaways?" Tell them this: 

"The reason why we are able to do this is because hotels and resorts rarely experience full occupancy yet they are always open and still have their fixed costs. So what they do is contract with companies like us to give these rooms out to get people to come in to see what they have to offer. When hotels and resorts have empty rooms, they do not make any money and it's a waste of a good room. So when we put someone in their empty rooms, the hotel may have lost the price of the room, it was already empty in the first place, but now they have a customer that might spend more money at their in-house restaurants and shops or even take advantage of their amenities like their spa, casino, room service, etc. They know that if they show you a good time while you are at their property that you'll come back to stay with them in the future the next time you visit their city and maybe even tell a few friends about them. It's a win win for both you and the property."

Video #7 What To Do Once You Get Your Website

Warning: Do not place website/referral links in your Facebook posts. You run the risk of getting your link blocked by Facebook. Also do not message people who didn't message you first. Ask them to inbox you directly first. Then send them privately the script with your website link. And don't post more than 5 times per day.

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